By participating, you are filling the engagement of the Green Charter for Film Festival to record your consumption!

  • The goal is to monitor in order to have your team sensitised to the level of pollution of your event, and to get better every year, together.
  • It may be complicated at first to monitor everything, no worries, just do your best and try to do better next year. Also, we will give you some tips to help you be as accurate and complete as possible.
  • You start by opening an account for your festival and by recording your latest edition.
  • You can have other people register on your festival’s account in order to fill data.
  • Only members with an ADMIN account can validate at the end and add members, and this will be you until you name other ADMINS.
  • Be as accurate as possible. Don’t cheat, don’t invent, this will not make sense, it is not a competition, it’s just facing reality. Also, if you cheat, it will be harder to get better next year ;)
  • Note that you will get a report at the end of the process that you will be able to present to show your concern and commitment in your overall report, to your partners, your team…
  • And starting after your next edition, you’ll be able to analyse your progress!
  • The data you enter are private until you decide to make them public. This is not a comparison tool between festivals but a comparison tool year after year of your own event. The global data of all festivals gathered may be studied at some point in order to monitor good practices and set up standards.
  • Thank you for your participation!

Now, let’s get started!

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